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Smell of weather turning. Gorilla perfume

One word!: wow!
"Smell of Weather Turning" tries to recreate the smells after a thunderstorm.

Perfumers: Mark and Simon Constantine.
It countains notes of rain on grass, hay, smoky notes, mint, hay, chamomile, nettle, beewax, oakwood.

This stuff is delightfuly weird and evocative!

"SWT" opens with undefined accords and I can only describe it as a estrambotic olfatory image of leaves and tires burning on a bonfire mixed with the ethereal scent of a gloomy storm in the air.
There's definitively a "tar" or "burnt tyre" smell going on (indol?) during the opening that strechs a while through the fragrance's life.

Then, "SWT" turns slowly into a simple, calm, smoked mint-tea juice.
I can't detect much other notes unfortunately. The smell of rain on greenery and the storm scent passes and the smell of mint and smoky woods undertakes all.
Sometimes, it transport me into a moist forest, during a summer night, nettles all around it but it also reminds me the "CDG Series leave Tea".
Whatever. It's naturally and greatly weird.

"Smell of turn weather" is what you expect in a "avant garde" perfume without being "avant garde" if you know what I mean.
It's strong without being overpowering. It creates a lovely aura around you and it definiticely has the turn heads factor.
It's a highly interesting, vivid and impressive fragrance, but I still wondering while I sniff out my wrist if it is really wearable or not.
Maybe as a room perfume...
I highly recommend you to try this and decide for yourself.
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