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Karma. Gorilla perfume

"Karma" is an unconventional fragrance launched by a funky company called "Lush" (I recently dicovered it since I moved to the UK) which has an interesting range of handmade perfumes branded as " Gorilla perfume".

Karma is an unisex fragrance and it's described by "Lush" as an addictive pine, orange and patchouli scent.
The bottle is black with a simple (even cheap) minimal design.

Perfumers: Mark and Simon Constantine.
"Karma" has notes of orange, lemon, lavender, lemongrass, pine needles, cinnamom, patchouli and elemi.

It starts with a shy citric rind top note that rapidly give way to the spices and develops into a gorgeus spicy-oriental arrangement of cinnamon, a resinous pine accord and patchouli blending all together creating a cardamom/cilantro-like scent with the fresh-spicy lemongrass and lavender notes in the background. But there's more: here it comes the frankincense?. Yes, I do smell a little hint of incense even is not listed in the formula and stays, for ages...

"Karma" is is a a dense, linear, deep, evocative perfume. You will love it or you will really loathe it!. It is an "in your face" spicy lemongrass/pine/patchouli/incense perfume.
It hangs around for hours and it has a lovely projection. Some other reviewers described it as “generic oriental” but I wouldn't labeled as generic. It's rather unusual, with its own character, it's pleasant, well-made, and the good news is its price: £20 per 50ml.
Finally cheap is chic comes together succesfully!
Thumbs up for "Lush"!
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