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Dirty. Gorilla perfume.

"Dirty" is an unisex aromatic fragrance tending to the masculine side to my nose.
It's linear, clean fragrance despite its name and notes.

This time you can find the perfume in the same "Gorilla" black, minimal 50ml glass bottle or get the body spray with a distinctive design that share similarities with any window cleaner spray bottle.

"Dirty" is a deep unusal fragrance that hits you with intensely with the crisp, herbal notes. For me, is like a olfatory image of a warm, yet damp spring afternoon at a herb garden growing just next to the sea.
I can smell the thyme and the tarragon, but, a juicy raw mint is the primary note althrough the perfume.

"Dirty" is a rather linear fragrance but gradually changes a little when a salty-like airy accord appears accompained with the mint and some light sandalwood.

"Dirty" is a delightfully weird, compelling perfume. Let's say that could be my "guilty pleasure" (as "Lust" from the same brand).
You'll get a fresh, slightly sweet staleish mint, tarragon towards bitter unknown marine notes melting with whispers of sandalwood.

To my surprise, "Dirty" has a very good staying power for a “fresh” fragrance made of natural ingredients.
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