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Aqua Fahrenheit. Dior

Perfumer: Francois Demachy.
Notes of mandarin, grapefruit, violet, spearmint, basil, Haitian vetiver and leather.

"Fahrenheit" launched in 1988, is one of the most popular men's fragrances now-a-days. After many variations on this theme, including intensive "Fahrenheit Absolute" from 2009, the house of Dior announces this summer a new fiery refreshment. "Aqua Fahrenheit" is the new fragrance, an explosive combination that symbolizes the element of water that gradually takes on the characteristics of fire.

"Aqua Fahrenheit" opens enough sparkling and zesty with a combination of the mandarin and the grapefruit to be considerated as an aquatic perfume on its early stage, but immediately turns into a linear fragrance tending to the floral-oriental side.
In the opening this perfume shares a lot of similitaries with the original "Fahrenheit" where I found the same petrol-like note, that fades away quickly.

After 5-10 min of application the mint comes to live accompained with a violet touch, very similar to the "He Wood wet woods" floral note without the powdery, salty and industrial fresh nuances and the same dark smoky vetiver from "Tom Ford Grey Vetiver" and stays like this mostly till the end of the perfume.

"Aqua" ends serene, smokey-fresh and smooth with the violet, the vetiver plus a light, soft leather / suede note.

Even if it has soft, aquatic touches I wouldn't describe it an "average" aquatic, because it has a deep, strong personality. It is true that it shares a similar spirit with the original but in some ways it smells wonderfully different, more modern and it is enough versatile to be used all year round.

I really think every man should own at least one version of "Fahrenheit". For me, this is my second favourite. Then, "Fahrenheit 32".
The longevity and projection are really good.
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