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Kenzo homme woody / boisée. Kenzo

Perfumer: Olivier Polge.
Notes of mint, basil, black pepper, vetiver, rosemary, Atlas cedar and white musk.

Kenzo + Polge = Success.
Kenzo made it again!. "Kenzo pour homme boisee" is an aromatic/spicy and soft, woody gorgeous scent.
This new fragrance is supposed to be a flanker to the 1991′s "KenzoHomme"
They have nothing at all in common (the only real similarity being the shape of the bottle and a salty trail). That doesn't mean that it will be a big dissapointment for all the original "KenzoHomme" lovers like me, as long as they don't expect something as unique as the 1991's original.

It starts fresh and slightly spicy.
There is a lively explosion of a salty refined vetiver, sexy mint and a background of spicy basil. The herbal side of mint and basil is fresh and brilliantly light yet intens. Even though, it never becomes overpowering.
Being honest, at this stage, I was afraid, as the opening really blew my mind and I was scared, presuming that it could react as "Tokyo", when, after the top notes, the whole perfume lost all the character.
This is not happening in "Kenzo Boisée": the mint accompained by the glorious vetiver shows their presence all the way through, so the perfume becomes rather linear but deliciously addictive.

During the heart and the drydown, the linear formula changes a little with the soft, airy, light cedar accord. Here, the wood seems almost secondary, where the previous notes from earlier reign above all.
So this is not a deep woody perfume as it has been advertised (Thank God).
If you are looking for a real, light wood scent, you better go and sample the CDG "Wonderwood".

"Kenzo pour Homme boisée" is a magnificent, well put together fragrance.
Yes, it is salty but not as the original one, and also it is spicy and woody but nothing like "Jungle Homme".
It has the perfect balanced amount of very carefully (and intelligently) chosen ingredients By Polge.
Some people will compare it with the original and it will probably receive bad reviews without justice because they may find it a little mainstream compared to any other of the Kenzo's fragrance line.
I have to agree, but also, I'm happy to say that this new launch will have success in terms of being the best mainstream launch of this year for two simple reasons:

1. Polge always made great perfumes and this one is not an exception.

2. It leads us eventually to the woodiness side that everyone expects, making the scented trip really memorable.

"Boiséé" is not as loud as "KenzoHomme" and not as quiet as "Power". It has its own place in the middle, having a distinctive projection and a really good lasting power.
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tinfoiled said...

I love pepper and rosemary, and I can't wait to try this. Thank you for exposing me to it and for keeping your blog going!

L.Miranda said...

I hope I odn't dissapoint you but you don't get much pepper neither herbal nuances in here, apart from the lovely mint!
But it worth a try!

perfumes and fragrances said...

I love this perfume, as perfume is the essential part of every dressing table with soft, spicy, woody scent....thanks for your informative blog...