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Once upon a time. Kenzo.

Countains coriander, nutmeg, ginger and vetiver.

This was the perfume I saw (and mentioned before in another thread) at the duty free airport shop. Riddle solved!

"Kenzo Pour Homme Once Upon A Time" is a refreshing wet-woody-spicy fragrance.

"Once" starts slightly loud, even a little thick with the mix of nutmeg and coriander,
Even though the perfume is centered in nutmeg there's a general feeling of comfort in it.

The fragrance quickly turns itself into an airy, clean, soapy scent: The notes whose stand out are the vetiver, the nutmeg and then the ginger.
There's also has a wet aura in the pyramid.

"Once upon a time" is a fresh woody scent and a olfatory image of a deep forest moisted and damp, just after a rainy day. But you won´t find woods in it.
Kenzo brings another interesting concept. This time an opaque-aquatic-spicy fragrance but not heavy at all; I can't figure it as a spring-summer perfume.

It targets both the casual and the classic market.
The longevity is alright, no more than 4h.
The sillage is lovely, leaving a trail peaceful, nice trail.
If you like scents that evoke a quiet and natural environment, this is a very good choice.
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