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7 de Loewe. Loewe

Perfumer: Unknown.
Notes of Moroccan neroli, muguet, rose, pepper, red apple accord, absolute incense, vetiver, Atlas cedar and sof musk.

The new perfume from the Spanish designer dives (according to the marketing) into the real essence of the bullfighter getting ready for the "corrida" in those moments of preparation, surrounded of flowers, passion and mistery.
But the real stuff is that "7 de Loewe" = "CDG Kyoto" or viceversa.

This new fragrance has nothing to do with "Solo" (which has a more interesting floral twist than "7" in my opinion).

The bottle is horrid: it has a very dinstictive 90's tacky design: the matte glass is petrol blue while the atomizer structure and the spray buttom is made entirily of shiny chrome silver tone plastic that looks terribly cheap.

"7" opens soft, delicate, airy.
Not a single sharp note.
It is an intimate perfume, and this feeling goes more accentued by the very spiritual incense accord. To me, it mells like a cathedral or like a funeral home.

It is a linear fragrance without many changes. To my nose, is a blueprint of "Kyoto CDG, with some logical variations:

- The incense is more timid compared to "Kyoto".
- "7" owns a more noticeable frity-floral facet: shy rose, dewy lily of the valley and apple surrounding a velvety-peppery incense.

In the drydown the woody cedar appears but just in the background while all remain as a floral-incense accord.

The truth is that I expected something completely different, and by that I mean I'm not disappointed: it's true that I was expecting a good and innovative floral perfume, but the truth is that Loewe has decided to cover its back, throwing a good cologne that won't lean to the feminine side and yet, play the Russian roulette if we recognize that the Spanish perfume market is pretty manstream, where the classics are abundant and very few people are actually bothered in go beyond "L'eau D "Issey", "L'eau par Kenzo", "Le Male", "Hugo Boss Bottled" and "Dior Homme".
However, knowing the typical Spanish men's taste, I have to admit that "7" will have a good success within the metrosexual public.
In the other side, the people that go beyond and know what is going on in the fragrance market will stick in "Power", "Dior Homme" or "Fahrenheit 32" regarding a well done floral perfume.
Personaly I rather smell like azahar or wite ginger flower than like a church or a funeral home.

Incense lovers will love this as is a versatile juice but probably will chose "Kyoto" for the folowing reason: "7" it's a real timid, close to skin perfume having zero projection and a below average lasting power.
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Xavier Screams said...

You have a very interesting site here.

Anonymous said...

I have recently put this on my "to buy" list. I was pleasantly surprised by it too. I am surprised I do not see clove in the notes. The opening is very much clove to me and the rest of it is very close to good old Gucci Rush for Men. Do you get clove from this?

L.Miranda said...

It's true a get a delicate clove note melted with incense, pine and white flowers...