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Cologne. Tierry Mugler

Perfumer: Alberto Morillas.
Notes of petitgrain, bergamot, nerolí, "s" note, orange flower blosson and musk.

"Cologne" is an atemporal cologne and when I write cologne I really mean it.

It is green, soapy, soft and clean. Don't expect much more.
The fragrance is minimal as a citrusy green flowery aroma.

After the uplifting opening it turns almost immediately to a green, soapy skin scent, with a touch of neroli and vetiver to give some floral touch to the central musk accord.

"Cologne" is also disappointing because it lacks of the natural nunace you will normaly expect in a cologne. To my nose it owns a weird unnatural accent ("s" note anyone?)that bring me olfative images of steamy baths, meaning that if you could capture the smell of having a cold shower in a hot summer afternoon, it will smell like "Cologne".

Don't get me wrong. This is not a bad scent. I just don't particularly care for it.
I personally think that is boring and a little overpriced being just a trendy splash all over cologne.
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