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Bvlgary Man. Bvlgary

Perfumer: Alberto Morillas
Countains bergamot, violet leaves, pear, lotus flower, vegetal amber, cashmere wood, vetiver, cypriol, sandalwood, benzoin, tonka bean, white honey and musk.

The new masculine perfume from Bvlgary is a woody oriental fragrance as is described as an elegant and sophisticated vision of masculinity for an authentic man.
To my nose is a radiant yet light, transparent and very elegant fragrance.
Fantastic for the mature men.

It is almost impossible not compare this new perfume with "Mugler Cologne", another previous Morillas hit. Both perfumes share a clean and shy character. In fact
"Man" is very similar to "Cologne" in a drier way.

The opening is quite powerful where the violet leaf note shows presence and remains dominant over the woods in the drydown.
A progression of clean sparkling vetiver and mostly cashmere wood eventually turns into a soft and slightly sweet pleasant woody accord keeping like this all the way through.

"Man" smell great and it has its own character being quite a uncomplex perfume and without leaving a massive trail behind you. It is indeed fresh yet oriental in a weird way and definitely could be a everyday all year juice. I will wear it if I was the mature, suit dress code kind of man, but I particularly prefer stronger colognes.

It develops a pretty nice longevity staying more 4 hours but it has a minimal sillage as is a quiet scent.
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