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Cocktail Splash Curaçao. Marc Jacobs.

Perfumer: Yann Vasnier.
Notes of lime, blood orange, mandarin, violet, apricot, pear, white musk, sandalwood and moss.

Curaçao is inspired by the first sip of the cool, orange-flavored cocktail from the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

"Curaçao" is basicly an all over cologne with an aquatic, upllifting fruity spirit.
Being linear the main notes in it are juicy orange and lime persisting through the whole life of the cologne. The pear also comes to life in the middle notes giving a smooth sweet nuance. Only in the drydow the aquatic fruity notes will contrast with a light musky-woody accord.

"Curaçao" is the perfect daily summer perfume. Ir is smooth and cheerful, easy to wear. I particulary think it tends to the masculine side but I can see women wearing this with confidence.
It has a quite decent long lasting life and a lovely projection.
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בוטוקס said...

You must write of the new marc Jacobs for women – Daisy – its wonderful lite smell of flower not to heavy perfect as a morning perfume